We’re officially in the throes of summer. And a great way to combat the heat of the season is with a visit to one of the many beaches that fill the Magnolia State. The beaches located on the Gulf Coast are probably the first ones that come to mind, but they’re not the only ones you’ll find. Mississippi is actually home to several lakeside beaches (and even a few poolside ones). Read on for 11 of our favorite beaches in Mississippi.

So, how many of these beaches in Mississippi will you visit this summer? Was your favorite beach included? Tell us in the comments section.

Looking for another way to cool off this summer? Check out this wonderful waterpark in Mississippi.

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Natural Attractions in Mississippi

What are some bucket list natural wonders in Mississippi?

Bucket list natural wonders in Mississippi include:

  • Petrified Forest. These petrified trees transformed over 35 million years from wood to stone and are truly a wonder of nature. 
  • Sky Lake Wildlife Management Area. Some of the most ancient bald cypress trees grow here and you can walk among them on elevated boardwalks.
  • Gulf Islands National Seashore. This is one of the most stunning places in the South. Bayous, beaches, nature trails, and so much more await. 
  • Natchez Trace Parkway. The Cypress Swamp is nestled within this vast landscape and is one of many wonders in this park.

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What are some hidden waterfalls in Mississippi?

Hidden waterfalls in Mississippi include:

  • Cooper Falls. These 50-foot-tall waterfalls are considered the most beautiful in the state and they’re on the shores of Pickwick Lake.
  • Merit Falls. These ruching waterfalls are found in Merit Waterpark on Rials Creek and are a great place for the whole family to play in the water.
  • Seminary Falls. These were once called the falls on Okatoma and while they’re not very tall, they make up for it with their beauty.
  • Clark Creek Falls. There are about 50 waterfalls in this 700-acre area and it’s a blast to hop around from one to the other.

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What are the most incredible natural attractions in Mississippi?

The most incredible natural attractions in Mississippi include:

  • Red Bluff. This is locally known as “Mississippi’s Little Grand Canyon” and, like its namesake, it was caused by erosion from a river over millions of years.
  • Tishomingo State Park. There is so much to do in this park, like mountain climbing, riding the rapids, and learning about Native American history. 
  • Strawberry Plains Audubon Center. There are thousands of acres of wildflowers, wildlife, hummingbird gardens, and walking trails here.
  • Deer Island. You’ll have to take a boat to get here, but the natural beauty of this place is well worth the effort.

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