Pools are one of the most popular options for staying cool during the summer… but they’re not the only option. Mississippi just so happens to be filled with great natural swimming spots that include everything from old-fashioned swimming holes to pristine lakes. So, the next time the summer heat is just too much to bear, consider paying a visit to one of these refreshing natural swimming holes in Mississippi.

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Swimming Holes In Mississippi

Where can I swim in Mississippi?

Mississippi offers several options for swimming, including its coastal region along the Gulf of Mexico and various inland lakes and rivers. 

Here are some of the best swimming spots in Mississippi:

  • Gulf Coast Beaches: The Mississippi Gulf Coast is known for its beautiful beaches. Cities like Biloxi, Gulfport, and Pass Christian offer sandy shores and warm waters for swimming. Beaches such as Biloxi Beach, Gulfport Beach, and Pass Christian Beach are popular choices.
  • Gulf Islands National Seashore: This national seashore stretches across Mississippi and Florida, offering pristine beaches and opportunities for swimming. Some accessible areas in Mississippi include West Ship Island and the Davis Bayou Area.
  • Ross Barnett Reservoir: Located near Jackson, Ross Barnett Reservoir is a large lake that allows swimming in designated areas. Visitors can enjoy sandy beaches, picnic spots, and water activities like boating and fishing.
  • Sardis Lake: Situated near Oxford, Sardis Lake is a popular destination for swimming and other water sports. The lake provides several sandy beaches and camping facilities.
  • Grenada Lake: Grenada Lake, located in north-central Mississippi, is another reservoir that offers swimming areas. It features sandy beaches, fishing opportunities, and camping grounds.
  • Tombigbee National Forest: The Tombigbee National Forest in northeastern Mississippi is home to several lakes and rivers suitable for swimming. Some options include the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway and the Okatibbee Lake Recreation Area.
  • Dunn's Falls: Located near Meridian, Dunn's Falls is a picturesque waterfall that flows into a swimming hole. Visitors can enjoy swimming and picnicking in this scenic natural setting.


Can I swim in the Mississippi River?

Swimming in the Mississippi River is generally not recommended due to its size, strong currents, and potential hazards. The Mississippi River is a powerful and dynamic river that stretches across several states, including Mississippi. Its currents can be strong, with potential dangers such as undertows, debris, and changing water conditions.

If you are looking for swimming spots in Mississippi, trying other bodies of water, such as lakes, reservoirs, or designated swimming areas is better. Mississippi offers lakes and coastal beaches where swimming is more suitable and safer. Some popular swimming spots in Mississippi include the Gulf Coast beaches (Biloxi Beach, Gulfport Beach, etc.), lakes like Ross Barnett Reservoir and Sardis Lake, and state parks with swimming areas.

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