Filled with scenic beauty and natural treasures, it’s no secret that Mississippi is home to some amazing sights, and to most people’s surprise, those amazing sights include waterfalls. Although not known for being the largest, the state’s waterfalls still possess unparalleled beauty and are ideal for everything from watersports to sightseeing. Ready to take in some of Mississippi’s most picturesque views? These 11 hidden waterfalls in Mississippi should definitely do the trick.

Have you been to any of the hidden waterfalls near me in Mississippi listed above? Did we miss one? Do you have another favorite waterfall in the state? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Waterfalls Near Me

Does Mississippi have a lot of waterfalls?

Yes! Although Mississippi has the reputation for being pretty flat, the cliffs along the Mississippi River and other small mountains cause the Magnolia State to be home to more than 50 waterfalls. Some of the most popular include:

  • Seminary Falls
  • Merit Falls
  • Bear Creek Falls
  • Rawson Gully Falls
  • Brushy Creek Waterfall


Does Mississippi have caves?

It certainly does! You can explore many caves in Mississippi, ranging from the largest underground river in North America to a spectacular, ancient limestone cave. The most famous caves in Mississippi are:

  • Cat's Den Cave Preserve
  • Cave Spring
  • Pitt's Cave

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