See The Very Best Of Minnesota’s North Shore In One Day On This Epic Road Trip

When it comes to road trips in Minnesota, travelers have nearly endless options. You can go on a haunted road trip, a waterfall road trip, or even a trip to all of our wackiest roadside attractions. In fact, one of the state’s most gorgeous regions is also one of the easiest to plan a road trip around; the North Shore has weeks worth of attractions to offer, and this is just one of many of the best road trips in Minnesota. Take a look:

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Best Road Trips in Minnesota

September 22, 2021

What are some must-visit attractions in Minnesota?  

Minnesota is often called a “flyover state” by folks who have simply never been there before. It’s a fascinating state with plenty of natural beauty and resources, and we really love it! You’ve just got to know where to look. Of course, there are always the obvious ones – like Mall of America, for example – but did you know that Minnesota is also home to a staggering 65+ state parks and recreation areas? It’s true – Minnesota is an outdoorsy person’s dream come true. You can’t miss places like the Weisman Art Museum, or the Science Museum of Minnesota, either. Sure, there is a ton and a half of remarkable natural splendor here, but don’t count out the man-made attractions either – you just might learn something! Minnesota’s waterfalls are another must-see to add to your to-do list; there’s the incredible Minnehaha Falls, in Minneapolis, and Gooseberry Falls State Park is sure to thrill even the most diehard waterfall fans.  

What kinds of day trips in Minnesota can I go on?  

With more than 65 awesome state parks scattered about the state, there’s no shortage of amazing day trips to be had. You could always do more city-based ones – go on a trip where you sample the best ice cream shops in the northern part of the state, for example – or you could do nature-based ones. One of our favorite scenic drives in the history of forever is right here in beautiful Minnesota: cruise along the North Shore for some of the most incredible views in the Midwest, if not the entire United States. You could also spend an entire day at any of Minnesota’s educational and fun zoos, museums, or parks – it’s up to you! For a more complete list of ideas for awesome day trips in Minnesota to do ASAP, you should check this article out