Michigan’s Scenic Waterfall Loop Will Take You To 6 Different Waterfalls

Is there anything more magical than exploring a waterfall as it tumbles over rock? Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a photographer, or simply a seeker of all things whimsical, Michigan’s waterfalls offer endless delight. If you’ve ever wanted to center an adventure around the state’s prettiest falls, take time to follow our scenic waterfall loop through the Upper Peninsula.

Note: because of the driving time required, we recommend separating the loop into multiple days.

To access an adjustable map of our waterfall loop route, click here.

We know that our waterfall loop only scratches the surface when it comes to featuring natural gems throughout the Upper Peninsula. Are there any other waterfalls that you’d like to see profiled in a future piece? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a Facebook comment or make an official recommendation by completing our nomination form here.

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Address: Tahquamenon Falls, McMillan Township, MI 49768, USA
Address: Sable Falls, Burt Township, MI 49839, USA
Address: Bond Falls, Haight Township, MI 49912, USA
Address: Miners Falls, Munising Township, MI 49884, USA
Address: Fumee Falls, Breitung Twp, MI 49876, USA
Address: Rapid River Falls, Masonville Township, MI 49878, USA