It’s tough to find someone who doesn’t enjoy pizza. After all, nothing compares to the experience of digging into a perfectly prepared crust topped with delightfully gooey cheese, tasty sauce, and plenty of mouthwatering toppings. Whether you prefer thin crust, Detroit-style, deep dish, or something in between, the Great Lakes State has plenty of pizza options to offer. When you’re ready to experience some of the area’s best, follow our unforgettable (and delectable) pizza pilgrimage through the Great Lakes State, which highlights eight of the best pizzerias in Michigan.

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Best Pizza in Michigan

What are the best pizzerias in Michigan?

Chicago and New York may be known for pizza, but we all know Michigan’s pizza roots run deep. Did you know that some of the world’s largest pizza chains began right here in Michigan? Hungry Howies, Little Caesars, and even Domino’s all originated right here in the Mitten State.

As such, here in Michigan, it isn't simply a question of the best pizzerias; but rather, the best of the best of each kind of pizzerias in Michigan. Because we have it all in the Great Lakes State: Detroit-style pizza, tavern-style pizza, wood-fired pizza, Neapolitan pizza, Chicago-style pizza... you get the point! So here are some contenders for the best of the best, though pretty much EVERY pizza restaurant in Michigan is worth checking out. You know, in the interest of science and all:

  • Buddy's. We said it before but it bears repeating. Detroit-style pizza is one of the most iconic foods in Michigan, and Buddy's does it right. Similar to Sicilian-style pies, Detroit-style pizza is known for its square shape, thick crust, and crispy bottom. You’ll find the world’s best version at Buddy’s Pizza. With Detroit-style, it's all about the pans... and the order of operations. The toppings are applied opposite of what you expect on pizza: first goes the pepperoni, followed by the cheese and other toppings. Buddy’s offers its pizza in two sizes: four square and eight square. Four is enough for two people, or one really hungry person. Everyone fights for the corner pieces because they are crispy, cheesy, buttery perfection!
  • Mallie’s Sports Grill. Do you have a hunger bigger than the world? Head to Mallie's. Known for their laughably large portions, the best advice we could give you when you walk into this restaurant is to come hungry. (Mallie’s actually holds the world record for the biggest burger, and it’s on the menu! You can chow down on a colossal 1,800-pound burger if you’d like, just know that the big burger comes with a big price tag: $10,000!!) Back to pizza: from traditional meat lovers to the always-divisive Hawaiian pizza, these are some of the biggest and best pizzas in Michigan. While you can certainly go with the classics, the Dill Pickle Pizza from Mallie's has to be the most dill-lightful 'za ever.

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