These 11 Restaurants Serve The Best Poutine in Michigan

Because we’re basically surrounded by Canada from all angles, we’ve adopted a few of its customs. Specifically, we’re talking about poutine, a savory concoction made up of fries, cheese curds, and gravy.

You’ll find this dish on a growing number of Michigan menus, many with interesting twists. Some chefs top theirs with a variety of meat. Some add a fried egg on top. Some are meat-free, meaning the gravy is vegetarian. Others use poutine as an addition to something else (like a burger… yummm). We’ve dug up some of the best spots around the state where you can get your poutine craving satisfied.

Oh man, we’re starving now and planning our next poutine run. Tell us, where are your favorite spots around the Mitten for poutine?

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