Are you a fan of camping in MA? One great way to make camping in Massachusetts about much more than just pitching a tent and squatting away mosquitoes is to make sure you pick the right spot. There are tons of great Massachusetts campgrounds where you can be surrounded by outdoor fun and natural beauty. Today, we’re featuring a great waterfront spot where you can enjoy Deerfield River camping. Best of all, you can even tube down one of the most beautiful rivers in the state! Upgrade your next camping trip into a tubing adventure for an absolute blast.

For more information about staying at this great spot for camping in MA, visit the Mohawk Park Campground website or Facebook page.

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Not a fan of roughing it? Would you rather have a roof over your head while you sleep? Then check out these unique places to stay in Massachusetts

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What is the hottest month in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has four distinct seasons throughout the year, with snow in the winter and warm temperatures in the summer. The hottest month of all is July, with the average temperature hitting a high of about 82 degrees and a low of about 66 degrees. While 82 degrees is not too high, July also happens to be relatively humid, so there will be days when the weather might feel much more unbearable than the thermometer would make you think. The highest temperature ever recorded was in August of 1975 at 107 degrees. Luckily, there are plenty of places for tubing in MA when you need to cool off.

What are the most beautiful beaches in Massachusetts?

Being as though there is about 1,500 miles of coastline here, there are quite a few beaches in Massachusetts to jump into the water and dig your toes into the sand. In Manchester-by-the-Sea, you’ll find Singing Beach, which got its name due to the noise the sand makes when you walk on it. Aside from that interesting curiosity, here, you can swim and sunbathe along the one-mile beach. Coast Guard Beach, part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, is located in Eastham. Here, you can swim, surf, or just relax in the sand. And look out for the frequent wildlife often found here, such as seabirds in the sky and seals in the water.

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