During the summer, the beach communities see an influx of tourists. Although completely warranted (hey, our beaches are some of the best in the country!) we do have one of the most amazing places in New England when it comes to beaches, have you ever been to Cape Cod? But then again, sometimes we just want to get away from the crowds, not join them. So, where does one go? Well, we found one of the least touristy destinations to go camping in Massachusetts. If you want to get away but want some solitude, book a campsite at the underrated Laurel Lake.

When you are camping in Massachusetts we think this is one of the best places you can choose. This campground allows for a quiet retreat, a peaceful lake to enjoy, and beautiful scenery, what more could you ask for? Have you ever camped at Laurel Lake in the Erving State Forest? What are some of the other least touristy destinations in Massachusetts? Please share with us in the comments. To learn more about camping at Laurel Lake, visit the Erving State Forest web page.

Do you love discovering the lakes around the state? You can certainly find quite a few amazing lakes in Massachusetts!

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