Here Are 15 Awesome Famous People You Didn’t Know Were From Kentucky

From famous actors and record-setting athletes to presidents, many influential people are from the Bluegrass State. You may be surprised how many famous people from Kentucky there are. How many of these celebrities in Kentucky were you aware of?

We know there are plenty more famous people from Kentucky. We love Kentucky trivia, so if you know of any offhand that we missed, share them in the comments!

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Kentucky Trivia

August 17, 2021

What are some fun facts about Kentucky?

Did you know Duncan Hines was a real person who lived in Bowling Green? How cool to be synonymous with cake mix! Bourbon was first distilled here, ironically in Bourbon County. Check out this list for some more fun facts about Kentucky!

What is living in Kentucky like?

Kentucky is such a historic, family-oriented state. There are horses everywhere (we're actually the horse capital of the world). There's loads of state parks, festivals, and beautiful natural areas. Living in Kentucky is the best!

What are some natural wonders in Kentucky?

There are tons of great natural wonders in Kentucky that you'll want to add to your bucket list. Have you seen the Yahoo Arch in the Daniel Boone National Forest? Or Horse Cave? Check out this list for some more natural wonders in Kentucky you won't want to miss.