13 Places In Kentucky That Are Better Than Anywhere Else In The Country

If you’re a big fan of Kentucky, and we hope that you are, then you may argue that our state is the best in the country. We have the perfect mix of big cities, small towns, and rural countryside. We offer everything from trendy bars and restaurants to tours of horse farms and hiking through rocky gorges. Some may say Kentucky has a little bit of everything and even more would say that a piece of it always stays in your heart. As wonderful as the entire state is, there are 13 places in Kentucky that really bring us to the top of the list. These 13 destinations in the Bluegrass State aren’t just great, they are better than anywhere else in the country.

After reading this list, is there any doubt that Kentucky is an incredible state? Did your favorite feature of Kentucky make the list? What would you add to it? Let us know in the comments!

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