Here Are 12 Crazy Traditions You’ll Totally Get If You’re From Kentucky

Every state has its own traditions, and Kentucky has some time-honored and/or crazy traditions of our own. Most of these traditions in Kentucky are commonplace to you and me, but to out-of-state folks, we might as well be dancing naked in the woods. Not all our practices cause visitors to stare off blankly. Some people even bask in our ways during certain times of the year. Here are 12 long-standing Kentucky traditions:

All these Kentucky traditions are common, but it probably varies according to the area of the state one lives in or frequents. Eastern, western, northern, southern, and central Kentucky each have a unique way of living, but we share a common goodwill and a “take it easy” nature. These are just a few of the traditions we noticed while immersed in Kentucky culture growing up. What traditions do you celebrate in Kentucky?

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Kentucky culture and traditions

January 05, 2023

What are some Kentucky traditions?

Kentucky is a state full of traditions, some passed down through generations and others beginning in recent years. From racehorses to moonshine, Kentucky has some pretty ingrained traditions. Here are a few Kentucky traditions and cultural proclivities that are still running strong:

1. Kentucky pride: We love our sports teams and Kentucky traditions – especially the rivalry between the University of Kentucky and University of Louisville teams.
2. Burgoo: A slow-cooked hearty stew with meat and vegetables.
3. Sweet Tea: As it is in much of the south, sweet tea is hugely popular in Kentucky.
4. Fancy hats: This may have started in conjunction with the Kentucky Derby, but they sure are fun to wear and they do a good job keeping the sun out of your eyes.
5. Ale-8-One: This ginger and citrus soft drink has been popular since 1926 and is often spruced up with a bit of bourbon.
6. Bluegrass Music: A staple in Kentucky is this lively form of music that is highly celebrated all year round but especially at the Festival of the Bluegrass in June.
7. The Kentucky Hot Brown: An open-faced sandwich that was first created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville in 1926. Made with turkey, cheese, tomatoes, eggs, bacon, and a delicious Mornay sauce.

What are things Kentucky is known for?

One of the longest-standing traditions celebrated in the Bluegrass State is the Kentucky Derby, which draws hundreds of thousands of spectators to Louisville each May. But there are other, lesser-known, treasured events too. Every summer marks the start of Moonshine festivals across the state, where locals and tourists alike gather to sample freshly made whiskey from local distilleries.

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.

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