This Award-Winning Restaurant Serves Up The Best Down-Home Cooking In Kentucky

There’s something special about a hot, home-cooked meal. We’re talking about the kind of delicious, down-home cooking you’d find at Sunday afternoon lunch at Grandma’s. Green beans, cole slaw, cornbread, fried chicken, and pies… this is the food of any born-and-raised Kentuckian’s childhood! And when the craving strikes for a big, ‘ole plate of comfort food in Kentucky, there’s really only one option (besides, of course, Grandma’s house): The Lighthouse Restaurant.

Have you ever dined at The Lighthouse Restaurant before? If so, what did you have? And because no one does it better than Grandma, drop a comment with your favorite home-cooked meals from your own childhood!

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Address: Lighthouse Restaurant, 1500 Sulphur Well Knob Lick Rd, Sulphur Well Historic District, KY 42129, USA