These 5 Insane Ice Storms Brought Indiana To A Freezing Halt

It’s no secret that Indiana winters can be rough. Some, though, are rougher than others, thanks to nasty ice storms that occasionally roll through. Here are our picks for some of the absolute craziest winter storms in Indiana history; some of them you may remember – and some of them you might just have to ask the grandparents about!

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Where were you for these incredible events? Have you ever lived through an ice storm in Indiana? Tell us all about your experiences in the comments. Have a particular storm that you’ll never, ever forget? Tell us about it using this form and you might see yours featured someday!

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Ice Storms In Indiana

October 02, 2021

How often do ice storms occur in Indiana?  

On average, Indiana and its neighboring states will experience 15 severe ice storms in a decade, which comes out to a rough average of 0.66 severe ice storms in a year’s time. They don’t occur every year, of course, but some years are certainly more difficult – with more than one ice storm, for example – than others. Blizzards, however, are much more common, though occasionally Midwesterners will be hit with the snow-and-ice combo storm, which is a double nightmare. Ice storms are more common in northern Indiana than in the rest of the state.  

What was the worst ice storm in Indiana history?  

There have unfortunately been several ice storms throughout the history of the Midwest that one could easily argue were the “worst”, but the one that most often comes up in discussions of worst-of-the-worst ice storms to ever hit Indiana is the devastating 1991 event. On March 12th and 13th of that year, the Hoosier State was coated in anywhere from one to three inches of ice on everything. At least four small towns ground to a halt almost immediately, losing power and drivable roads overnight. This incredible freak event caused about 100 million dollars in damages which, in 1991, was the equivalent of about 200.8 million dollars today. Ask anyone who was alive and living in Indiana where they were and what they did during this historic event and they’ll more than likely be happy to tell you their stories. If you’d like to read more about the epic (and terrifying) ice storm of March 1991, check out this previous article on the subject