The Old Mining Town In Indiana With A Sinister History That Will Terrify You

There’s a little township in southwestern Indiana that, despite still having a few residents, is widely considered to be a ghost town. The reason for its abandonment came not from disease or lack of work, but instead a violent series of explosions that took place in October of 1907. Countless Hoosiers were killed, entire livelihoods were obliterated, and a very dark day went down in the annals of Indiana history. Fontanet is one of those ghost towns in Indiana with a history so dark that many Hoosiers simply don’t speak of it any louder than in a hushed whisper.

If you’re interested in visiting this delightful living ghost town in Indiana, you’ll definitely want to do so during the festival! It’s the best time of year in Fontanet. Get lots more information about the festival on its official website. Do you know of any other ghost towns in Indiana you’d like to see us dive into someday? Tell us about it using this form. We love hearing your ideas!

Address: Fontanet, IN, USA