It’s Impossible To Forget The Horrible Ice Storm That Ravaged Indiana In 1991

Indiana is well known for its terrifying storms. While most people think of nasty tornadoes or blinding snowstorms when they think of our humble state, true Hoosiers know that ice storms are some of the worst around – way worse than your average blizzard. Take a look at this terrifying 1991 ice storm in Indiana, for example:

Do you recall this devastating historic ice storm? For a look at some more of Indiana’s worst winter storm nightmares, check out this article. Need more winter wonderland in your life right about now? No worries! Check out this awesome article about some delightful winter attractions that are way better than simply going to the mall.

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Ice Storm in Indiana

October 07, 2021

What is winter in Indiana like?  

Indiana is a northern state, and as such, it’s prone to getting quite a bit of snow some years. It’s a state that experiences all four seasons, and during winter, it can get snowy! During the coldest time of year, average night temperatures can reach as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. The northernmost part of the state gets more snow than central and southern Indiana, with an average of about 76 inches of snow versus 42 inches of snow. Typically, it begins snowing in November (though occasionally we’ll see flurries in October!) and it stays snowy until mid-to-late April. Indiana really is a beautiful state year-round, though, and winter carries with it a particularly special magic that you’ve got to experience to understand. Anyone who’s a fan of winter wonderlands will find a place to call home in Indiana.  

What were the worst snowstorms in Indiana?  

Indiana has, unfortunately, seen its fair share of historically bad winter weather. Some of the most extreme snowstorms in Indiana’s history include the North American Blizzard of 2011, also known as the Groundhog Day Blizzard, during which a half-inch to an inch of ice accompanying the snow nearly shut the entire state down. In 2009, 13 inches of snow fell on parts of the Hoosier State, and in 1978, Indiana saw one of its all-time worst storms ever, with temperatures dipping below –50 degrees Fahrenheit and more than 30 inches of snow falling in many areas. For more information about these storms as well as details on a couple of other worst snowstorms in Indiana history, take a look at this article. Bundle up, it’s about to get a little chilly in here!