The Night Sky In Indiana Will Light Up With Four Different Meteor Showers This November

November may bring the cold to Indiana, but it also brings crystal clear skies for your star watching pleasure. This month, Indiana will find itself under the spell of four different meteor showers simultaneously: the Orionids, the Southern Taurids, the Northern Taurids, and the Leonids.

On clear nights all around the state, the chance for an encounter with a miraculous meteorite or streaking fireball should keep you looking up heading as we head toward winter.

Call it a cosmic conspiracy, but with these four meteor showers meeting at once in the night sky, November seems made for stargazing. In Indiana, the best way to catch meteor showers is to drive out to the country just before dawn, or pitch camp in a park with a view of the sky. Of course, if you live in the country, all you need to do is walk outside. Sometimes you have to improvise; when I was a kid, I would climb onto our roof so I could see above the trees to watch the stars.

As long as you’re away from the light pollution of the big city, it shouldn’t take wishing for you to see a falling star when these four meteor showers meet in November.

What’s been your must stunning encounter with the heavenly bodies over the Hoosier state? What’s your best Indiana stargazing escape for when you need time to contemplate the infinite expanse? We love hearing your stories and seeing your photos. Get in touch!

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