The Little Hemlock Cliffs Box Canyon In Indiana Is A Big Secluded Treasure

Tucked away in southern Indiana is a magical place that feels like something out of a science fiction novel more than it feels like the American Midwest. Though it’s open year-round, it’s at its best during the warmer months, when everything is lush, green, and misty, providing ample shade and plenty of opportunities to explore. Plus, it doubles as an amazing waterfall hike in Indiana, too, because when the time is right, this little slice of paradise is home to several waterfalls that are definitely worth checking out. Lace up those hiking boots after a good rainstorm and you’re sure to encounter them!

For more information about this amazing little slice of the Hoosier National Forest, be sure to check it out on the US Forest Service’s website.

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Address: Hemlock Cliffs, Union Township, IN 47118, USA