A Short But Beautiful Hike, Shades State Park Loop 2 Leads To A Little-Known Waterfall In Indiana

If you were to ask someone who’s never been to Indiana to describe it, you might hear something like, “I dunno. It’s… flat? Boring? When’s lunch?” Anyone who has been here (or lives here), however, would probably laugh at such a blase description. Indiana is a stunningly beautiful place with more than 4,200 incredible miles of some of the best hiking in the Midwest – if not the country! It’s an underrecognized little slice of heaven and we justĀ loveĀ exploring the best hikes in Indiana and bringing our favorites to you, and today, we found a stunning trail that’s short and sweet, challenging, and rewarding. And, as a bonus, it even features a delicate, beautiful little waterfall you’ll find yourself adoring the magic of. For one of the most interesting waterfall hikes in Indiana, head to Shades State Park and find Trail #2. You’re in for a treat, so check it out, and be sure to take your time:

For more information about Shades State Park and all its wonderful hiking trails, including Trail #2, be sure to visit the official Indiana DNR website.

So, what are your feelings? What are your favorite waterfall hikes in Indiana? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Address: Shades State Park West Road, Shades State Park W Rd, Brown Township, IN 47933, USA