While there are tons of state parks to explore in Indiana, Shades State Park in Waveland is sure to have you feeling like you’re in a fairy tale. This Hoosier State park might feel small and secluded, but it’s packed full of rock formations, hiking trails, scenic overlooks, and even a few small waterfalls. If you’ve ever wondered something to the effect of, where are all the cool waterfalls near me, you’re in luck! Next time you want to take a hike up to look out over Sugar Creek, or you just want to wander through an enchanted forest, this underrated spot is full of tons of natural wonders. There’s truly no state park in Indiana that’s more magical than Shades State Park!

Have you ever been to Shades State Park in Waveland? What was your favorite part about it? Did this answer your question about “waterfalls near me?” We’d love to hear all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments, and don’t forget to then go share photos from your outdoor adventures with us in our Indiana Nature Lovers group on Facebook, or by using the hashtag #onlyinindiana on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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What are the best waterfall hikes in Indiana?

Who says you can’t go on an amazing adventure in the Midwest? Kick anyone who tells you that out of your life; you don’t need that kind of negativity. That being said, did you know there are all sorts of amazing hiking trails in Indiana, including hiking trails with waterfalls? Yep – and they’re all amazing. The perfect Midwestern adventures! For example, some of the most popular waterfall hikes in Indiana include Hemlock Cliffs National Scenic Trail, which is 1.2 miles long and rated as moderately difficult. It features absolutely breathtaking forests and amazing waterfalls sure to leave an impression on your soul. Shades State Park is another waterfall hotspot in Indiana, especially Trail 2. That one is brief, at 1.4 miles long, and it, too, is host to an incredible forest and amazing mini waterfalls along the way. Then, look into the Kokiwanee Nature Preserve Trail, which is 1.6 miles long (we’re sensing a pattern here) and features a delicate, light waterfall that tends to get crazy after a good rain or during snowmelt. Finally, be sure to wander up to Clifty Falls State Park and take Clifty Falls Trail 8; that one’s a little longer, at 3.6 miles long, but it’s a worthwhile adventure for anyone who loves waterfalls in Indiana. Need more? Check out this list of awe-inspiring Indiana waterfalls you should discover this summer (or whenever, really).

Where is Shades State Park in Indiana?

Shades State Park is one of Indiana’s most amazingly beautiful places. It’s located in Waveland, which is in west-central Indiana about 47 miles west/northwest of Indianapolis. It was established in 1947 and has provided Hoosiers with an amazingly beautiful place of respite for all kinds of fun stuff, from camping to hiking and more. Once upon a time, the region was referred to as “Shades of Death”, but nobody really knows why. Sure, it’s a pretty cool nickname, but we’re glad it didn’t stick; this area is much too beautiful to have such a dark moniker.

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