Indiana’s Singing Sand Dunes Is A Unique Place To Visit

Indiana is proud to call itself home to at least some of Lake Michigan’s stunningly gorgeous shorelines. Though Lake Michigan has 1,638 total miles of pristine beaches and/or shoreline to account for, just 45 of those miles are in the Hoosier State, and guess what? Those 45 miles are special, not just because they’re “ours” (though that’s a part of the reason) but because sometimes, when conditions are just right, the sand dunes packed along the shoreline in Indiana do something amazing: they “sing”, emitting a strange noise one might not be able to recognize right away on the first visit, but once you hear it, you’ll never not hear it again.

Lake Michigan is not simply the site of some of the most beautiful beaches in Indiana – it’s also where you can go to listen to music made 100% by mama nature, and trust us: it’s strange and beautiful all at the same time. Come out to Lake Michigan and listen: these singing sand dunes in Indiana are a force of nature and a beautifully mysterious-sounding one at that:

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Address: Indiana Dunes National Park, 1215 N State Rd 49, Porter, IN 46304, USA
Address: Miller Beach, Gary, IN 46403, USA
Address: Kemil Beach, Beverly Shores, IN 46304, USA