Though many of us automatically think of horseback riding as an activity reserved for the warmer months, it can be incredibly beautiful to experience in the winter, too. Just imagine nothing but the sound of the horse’s footfall into the fresh snow, you bundled up as you trot along, and the fresh air and natural beauty surrounding your every step. If you live in Illinois, at one time or another you may have wondered, “Where is there winter horseback riding?” It just so happens you’re in luck with White Pines Ranch. The ranch is the perfect spot for winter horseback riding in Illinois. This is one option for winter horseback riding in Illinois that you do not want to miss!

Have you ever been to White Pines Ranch for winter horseback riding in Illinois before? Share with us your experience in the comments section! Or if you’re looking for more information about this beautiful place, including how to get away for the whole weekend, visit the website or Facebook page. Or when it’s autumn and the leaves begin to change, consider a horseback ride in Illinois to check out the stunning fall foliage.

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Winter Horseback Riding In Illinois

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