This Illinois House Is Among The Most Haunted Places In The Nation

The story of Illinois’ most haunted house is both terrifying and sorrowful. Linked with a terrible period of America’s past, this tale of ghosts and greed is not well known, but it does figure heavily in the Underground Railroad movement, and not in a good way.

Though we are the Land of Lincoln, some bad apples have spoiled our state’s reputation of freedom and anti-slavery. Scroll on to learn about this dark part of our state’s eerie past.

The Old Slave Home is located off Route 1 in the town of Equity, Illinois, which is in the tri-state area with Indiana and Kentucky. Over the years, this most haunted house has been open to visitors who have reported hearing cries, moans, and the rattling of chains. Some experience an overwhelming feeling of fear or sadness while others have felt cold chills and light touches. In 1996, the Crenshaw House was shut down to visitors and sold to the state a few years after that. Currently, the grounds are off-limits and trespassing is illegal, but as it’s still the most haunted house in the state, it could reopen to guests someday in the future.

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