The Amish Flea Market Every Illinoisian Needs To Explore At Least Once

Have you ever been to one of the First Saturday Arthur Markets in Arthur, Illinois? Aside from being a unique way to spend the day, you’ll get insight into what life is like for the Amish community when you head to one of the best flea markets in Illinois.

The town of Arthur is the epicenter of Amish Country in Illinois. More than 2,000 Amish families live in and around the town which was established in 1865. Visiting the area is like entering another world; a time when a simpler life is appreciated. Here, you’ll see teams of horses tilling the land. Around town, you’ll also notice horse-drawn buggies used as the main mode of transportation.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’d like to learn more about how Amish live, head to the First Saturday Arthur Markets in Arthur, Illinois.

Visit the First Saturday Arthur Markets website to learn more about one of the best flea markets in Illinois. And, if you’re in the area and want to discover more than just the best flea markets, take a look at this piece about Arthur, Illinois.

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Address: 110 N Vine St, Arthur, IL 61911, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

First Saturday Arthur Markets

February 24, 2023

Where are some of the best flea markets in Illinois? 

Along with First Saturday Arthur Markets, here are some of the best flea markets in Illinois:

  • Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles: You'll find antiques and more at this massive flea market in Illinois.
  • Fox Valley Flea Market in Elgin: This flea market has a reputation for selling new items such as luggage at discount prices.
  • Derald's Indoor Flea Market in Joliet: Plan to spend a bit of time at this flea market that's open every weekend and has over 150 vendors.
  • Homestead Flea Market in Bethalto: There's something for everyone at this epic flea market that's about 6,000 square feet!


Take a look at these indoor flea markets in Illinois, too.

Where can I find Amish markets near me? 

If you're in Illinois, here's where you'll find some Amish markets:

  • Country Cheese and More: Like the First Saturday Arthur Markets, you'll find this country store that has a little bit of everything in Arthur, Illinois.
  • The Homestead Bakery: Also in Arthur, this is the place to go for homemade bread, honey, and other goodies.
  • Amish Farmers: This chain of stores is located in Northern Chicago. Head here for the best seasonal produce and baked goods.


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