These 10 Bugs Found In Idaho Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Disclaimer: this article and included photos will quite possibly be the scariest thing you’ll ever read on this site. It is also the most horrifying, grotesque thing I’ve ever written, but I have graciously sacrificed my eyeballs and ability to sleep comfortably and soundly through the night in favor of your edification. Why? Because you deserve to know what sort of pincer-laden, small-rodent-devouring monstrosity may (or may not) be living in your bed. Or in your garden. Or dangling above your favorite camping spot. Or lurking in those dark, cozy corners of your home.

The bad news is that spring is coming, which means insects of every fathomable size, shape, and appetite will soon be making their grand entrance into places where they are rather unwelcome. Luckily, I’m here to tell you that while the creepy-crawlies in Idaho may be slightly larger than life and that after reading this you might think that Idaho is the Australia of the US in terms of things ready to devour your flesh, just remember that insects (and arachnids… and indeterminate creatures of massive proportions) aren’t all bad. Usually. Just beware while scrolling through this list because guaranteed your skin will start crawling and you’ll have to sleep with your eyes open with a baseball bat in one hand.

Here goes.

Deep breath. Are you ready to seal yourself inside of a giant bubble yet?

While bugs outnumber humans 15 million to 1, just remember that they’re simply minding their own business and trying to avoid becoming a lunchtime snack for something even larger and crawlier than themselves.