11 Unexpected Restaurants In Idaho That Take Fried Chicken To A Whole New Level

Fried chicken might just be the country’s most diverse hands-on meal – it makes just as much sense at breakfast with waffles as it does at grandma’s Sunday potlucks. But Idaho isn’t known for being a state where you tuck your napkin into your shirt, dive into a face full of crispy chicken, or down a gallon of sweet tea. No, ma’am.

Here in Idaho, we put our own spin on chicken that is nothing short of marvelous, delicious, and finger-lickin’ scrumptious. These restaurants – listed in no particular order – are just a few places to grab some fried chicken that isn’t your ordinary Kentucky fried variety:

Control that drool, now. There’s plenty for everyone! Where’s your favorite place to grab a fantastic chicken dish?

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