You’ll Never Forget A Meal At The Most Idaho Restaurant Ever

If you’re a foodie and an Idahoan, you’re lucky to live in a state that offers so many fresh, local, and homestyle options when it comes to cuisine. There’s something truly special about digging into dishes that are lovingly handmade and prepared with an extra dollop of pride and quality to them – and this is especially true when those tantalizing dishes reflect the mouthwatering flavors of our very own state.

No matter which region of Idaho you find yourself in, there are plenty of delicious eateries hiding both in and out of sight that will make your belly full and your heart happy. But occasionally, a restaurant in the Gem State stands out from the rest. For a tasty, organic, and locally-sourced tour of Idaho like you never thought possible, there’s one truly lovely little restaurant that knows how to represent Idaho to a tee — and you’ll definitely be back for seconds.

All in all, The Garnet Cafe shines like the gem (and the Gem State) it was named after. Bon appetit!

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