The Ultimate Pizza Bucket List In Idaho That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Ah, pizza. The Friday night staple, the perfect sidekick to late-night movies, and the wonderfully greasy meal that comes in all shapes and sizes. We’ve given you a list of some of our favorite pizza joints in Idaho before, but today we’re back with a few more gems that are – well, maybe a little more off the beaten path. These delicious spots serve up perfectly baked pies that are nothing short of perfection… and maybe even a step or two above Italy’s own creations!

So let’s raise a slice, pizza fanatics: to hot pies, gooey cheese, sweet sauces, and buttery crusts… and to the masters who craft the circular king of foods.

Hungry yet? Control your impulse to eat whatever device you’re reading this on, and drive out to one of these hidden gems. You’ll be glad you did!