There’s A Restaurant In Idaho With A Pizza So Spicy You Have To Sign A Waiver

If your taste buds are ready for a dish that will put them on a fast track to adventure and/or terror, buckle up. Searing pain and molten tears aren’t usually what one hopes to experience during a tasty meal, but one local pizza chain in Idaho’s capital cranks out all that and more with a pizza so blindingly spicy that you have to actually sign a waiver to take it off the premises. And guess what? ‘TIS THE SEASON!

Flying Pie Pizzaria in Boise is always up for serving gut-busting Italian monstrosities, but once a year this local-favorite pizza gem serves up a pie that is able to top charts and challenge even the most skilled pepper-devouring master. We did a little research, and as it turns out, August is prime time for all things spicy since that’s when peppers hit their peak. Meaning, since by their very nature they’ve already surpassed sane levels of hotness, they’ve now crossed over into the forsaken bowels of what is essentially the Candy Land of pepperdom. In fact, come August, these seemingly harmless orange lovelies are so spicy that when eaten by themselves you’re essentially committing taste bud seppuku. When piled high on a pizza, you’re going to need a full weekend let your body recover before Monday.

All that said, ready to take a closer look?

This flaming pie only comes around once a year, so if you’ve ever wanted to feel what liquid fire atop a delicious hand-made crust tastes (and feels) like, now is your chance!

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