From towering cascades you can only witness via helicopter tour to short waterfalls that cascade into small pools where you can make a splash, the waterfalls you’ll find across the Hawaiian Islands are truly remarkable. And while there are many waterfalls you can experience in person — and even swim in — there is one waterfall that is strictly off-limits for a mighty good reason: Hawaii’s Sacred Falls. Before you ask yourself, “Are there any waterfalls near me?” take a beat to remember the Sacred Falls tragedy and why it’s so important to be cautious when exploring the land. 

Were you living on Oahu when the 1999 Sacred Falls tragedy occurred? What do you remember about this horrific landslide? Did you visit the waterfall before it was deemed illegal to visit? Share your memories with us in the comments below. Afterward discover one of our favorite Oahu waterfalls where you can make a splash, Maunawili Falls

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What are the best waterfall hikes in Hawaii?

There’s certainly no shortage of incredible waterfall hikes in Hawaii. Located in Halawa Valley on the island of Molokai, Moa’ula Falls is one of the most stunning waterfall hikes in Hawaii, and it’s only two miles each way. At the end of the trail, you’ll come face to face with a mesmerizing, two-tiered 250-foot waterfall with a gorgeous swimming hole below.

What are the most well-known waterfalls in Hawaii?

There are more than 100 waterfalls in Hawaii, and that’s just the named waterfalls. While many of the hidden waterfalls are only accessible from a helicopter ride, some of the more well-known waterfalls can be accessed on foot, like Opaeka’a Falls in Kauai. This popular cascade is located within Wailua River State Park and is actually one of Kauai’s few waterfalls that can be seen from the road—no hiking is necessary! Of course, if you’re looking for an adventure, the popular Manoa Falls Trail on Oahu is right up your alley. The trail is about 1.6-miles round-trip and the journey through the eucalyptus robusta forest alone is enough of a reason to take the hike, but when you see the 150-foot waterfall, prepare to be amazed.

Are there any good swimming holes in Hawaii?

Absolutely! We love all of the beaches that Hawaii is known for, but every now and then it can be an awesome adventure to venture off away from the shoreline and find yourself a good swimming hole in Hawaii. One of our favorite spots to catch a splash is ‘Ohe’o Gulch and the Seven Sacred Pools. Located in Haleakala National Park, this majestic two-tiered waterfall swimming hole is the ultimate escape on a hot summer day. You’ll be surrounded by lush rainforests with the sounds of the cascades from the waterfall. Just keep an eye on the weather before you go, as the area is known to flash flood and become dangerous.

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