Have you been Googling waterfalls near me because you’re seeking an epic waterfall chasing adventure in the Aloha State? Are you ready for what might be one of the most challenging hikes of your life, but one that also features a drop-dead gorgeous waterfall? Hawaii boasts some of the most gorgeous hiking trails in the world. One, however, certainly could compete for the most spectacular and beautiful hike of all. If you’re up for a real challenge that’s rewarded with unbelievable views, plan a journey along the Ka’au Crater Trail, a wondrous waterfall hike in Hawaii.

Have you hiked the Ka’au Crater Trail in Hawaii? Do you have any advice for other hikers? Let us know in the comments! For another breathtaking hike, follow the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail in Kauai.

Still searching for waterfalls near me in Hawaii? Check out this epic waterfall hike in Hawaii!

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Waterfalls near me

What's the most amazing waterfall in Hawaii?

While Hawaii is known for its spectacular waterfalls, Wailua Falls takes things to a whole other level entirely. Running at the southernmost point of the Wailua River, this double waterfall spills from an 80-foot cliff into a 30-foot-deep pool, sometimes merging into one thunderous cascade after heavy rains. Go early in the morning, and you may even spot a rainbow. The best part? This spectacular waterfall is super accessible, too, requiring no hiking at enjoy!

What are some of the best waterfalls to visit in Hawaii?

If you're searching for the best waterfalls near me in Hawaii, you don't have to look too far. Some of our favorite Hawaiian waterfalls are the ones that we can truly immerse ourselves in; i.e., the waterfall swimming holes in Hawaii! We're talking about gorgeous cascades like Upper Waikani Falls, Waimea Falls, Pua’a Ka’a Falls, and Makapipi Falls. One of our favorite waterfalls to chase in the Aloha State is Lulumahu Falls. Located off Pali Highway is this extraordinary waterfall hike – complete with a trek through a bamboo forest, views of a stunning field and reservoir, the beauty of the Hawaiian jungle, and – of course – the jaw-dropping, 50-foot Lulumahu Falls.

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