The Hawaiian Islands are easily the most unique place in America, if not the entire world, and that’s not just because it’s a tropical island chain. In addition to its fascinating, yet tumultuous, history and a unique culture that has been shaped and influenced by a variety of peoples over the course of several centuries, Hawaii is the most isolated population center on earth, and here are nine facts that prove just how isolated our beautiful islands are — from America and the rest of the world. 

So, do you have a little more perspective on just how remote Hawaii is? Are there any other facts that have made you realize how far Hawaii is from the mainland United States and the rest of the world? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! And, if you are planning a Hawaii vacation, here are the top three things you need to do on each Hawaiian island

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What are some incredible day trips I can take from Hawaii?

While you may find yourself wondering “just how remote is Hawaii?” it actually doesn’t matter. There are incredible day trips all around the Hawaiian islands. One of our favorite trips is a visit to Oahu’s famous North Shore. This beautiful area is home to professional surf competitions in the winter months, a gorgeous coastline in the summer, and some of the best small towns in Hawaii. There are also all types of shops, restaurants, and secluded beaches for you to check out on this part of the island as well.

Another delightful day trip on Oahu is the Manoa Valley. Just a short distance from Honolulu is this lush, beautiful, and jaw-dropping valley. This area receives rain almost daily but there is still plenty to see and do even on a rainy day. We recommend walking through the jungle to the inspiring Manoa Falls. Then, head to the Mu Ryang Sa Buddhist Temple.

Is exploring the Pali Highway worth my time?

Yes! The Pali Highway is one of our favorite drives in all of Hawaii. This is a scenic drive through the jungle where you can stop and explore bamboo forests on well-maintained hiking trails. This drive will give you some amazing views of the windward coast and if you have the time, stop at the lookout, where you will have the most incredible photo opportunities. It is truly breathtaking!

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