You Might Be Surprised To Learn These 13 Famous People Were Born In Hawaii

From musicians and authors to actors, surfers, and even a U.S. President, many individuals born in Hawaii have gone on to accomplish great things. Hawaii is the birthplace of so many fascinating and interesting individuals! Here are 13 famous people from Hawaii that you need to know more about:

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Address: Hawaii, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Famous People From Hawaii

August 01, 2021

Do many famous people still live in Hawaii?

Yes! Lots of famous people live in Hawaii, and even more visit long-term. There are many rentals on the islands of Hawaii that offer a spot to land for celebrities like Beyonce and Jay-Z, Jessica Simpson, and more. The islands’ lure bring in many people that want to relax and take a break in one fo the most beautiful spots in the entire world.

How long did President Barack Obama live in Hawaii?

President Barack Obama lived in Hawaii until he left for college, except for a short stint with his mother in Indonesia for four years when he was aged six through ten. At ten, his mother sent him to back Hawaii to live with her parents while he finished high school at the prestigious Punahou School. He still visits Hawaii in what has been affectionately dubbed the “Winter White House,” and spends time on the islands with his family. 

Address: Hawaii, USA