This Easy, Under-The-Radar Waterfall Trail In North Georgia Is A Best Kept Secret

If ever there was a reason to fall in love with Georgia even more than we already do, this would be it. Georgia waterfalls deserves the utmost respect and recognition, especially from all of us who continue to preserve and honor the integrity of nature that our great state provides.

Which is why when we come across those under-the-radar waterfall trails in Georgia that don’t get as much attention as say, A Hike to This Georgia Waterfall Swimming Hole is Everything You Could Imagine, we want to highlight them for all their beauty and wonder. This waterfall trail in northern Georgia may just be the best kept secret of them all.

If you want to hit the trails to Horse Trough Falls, you will need to gain access through the 34-site Upper Chattahoochee Campground in Chattahoochee National Forest in Helen. Then follow the trailhead to Horse Trough Falls.

Have you ever seen this waterfall in person, or hiked the trail? Share with us your experience!