This Waterfall In Georgia Has Frozen Over And It’s Pure Magic

With the temperatures taking a drop these past few weeks and ice and snow becoming a frequent occurrence, there is one good thing that came from this winter weather wash—frozen waterfalls. There’s just something wonderfully magical about waterfalls freezing over, like time is standing still and someone just hit a temporary pause button on nature. If you want to see a bit of enchantment this winter season, wait for temperatures to take a dip and visit this one specific frozen waterfall.

Thanks to Instagram users @connorpaton, @djchitwood93, @theianlopez, @emansphotos_ and @imloso for tagging us in their stunning photos!

If you’re looking to visit the frozen waterfall that is Toccoa Falls, you can use the address below to lead you to this winter utopia:

325 Chapel Dr, campus of Toccoa Falls College, Toccoa, GA 30598-9600

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