Walk Behind A Waterfall For A One-Of-A-Kind Experience In Georgia

Have you ever wanted to stand behind a beautiful, flowing waterfall? Then it’s about time to make your dreams come true and cross this one off your bucket list. Although you may have expected this type of experience in say, Hawaii, or perhaps the Pacific Northwest, you can actually walk behind a waterfall in our beautiful state of Georgia. Where, do you ask, can you complete such a one-of-a-kind adventure?

DeSoto Falls.

High in the mountains of North Georgia, and deep into the woods of the Chattahoochee
National Forest, you’ll find DeSoto Falls. It’s been rumored that these waterfalls were originally discovered by Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto over 470 years ago.

You’ll find DeSoto Falls Recreation Area about 18 miles north of Dahlonega and nearly 19 miles west of Helen. You can reach the waterfalls by hiking the trail from the bridge at the lower loop of campground area. If you decide to do the quick jaunt to the lower falls, it’s about .25 miles. However, if you’re looking to hike to the upper falls, where you can walk behind the waterfall, then it’ll be about .75 miles. Imagine that, walking behind a waterfall in Georgia in under a mile.

DeSoto Falls really is a stunning set of waterfalls. There are a series of beautiful cascades which flow all year round. But the most spectacular view of them all has to be the view from behind the waterfall. You may need to crouch behind a few of the cascades to truly get back there, and also make sure you buy a waterproof camera! But we guarantee the one-of-a-kind views will be worth it.

If you want to visit DeSoto Falls located in Lumpkin County, then input this address into your GPS:

US-129, Cleveland, GA 30528

Thanks to YouTuber natureflixs1, you can take a glimpse at what this extraordinary waterfall has to offer.

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