Lockwood To Barr Is A Beginner-Friendly Waterfall Trail In Florida That’s Great For A Family Hike

Easy hikes don’t always overlap with beautiful hikes, and sometimes what is safe for adults isn’t the best for kids. Thankfully, the Lockwood to Barr trail in Little Big Econ State Forest is fit for families, without sacrificing natural beauty. If you have been looking for a family friendly beginner waterfall trail in Florida, consider spending a couple hours on this one for fun and fresh air.

If you’d like to hike this beginner waterfall trail in Florida yourself, with or without family tagging along, check out the Lockwood to Barr Trail page on AllTrails. There, you’ll find a local forecast for the week, reviews from previous hikers, and a trail map to help you plan your visit. For more shorter hiking options, check out this list of Florida hikes under 3 miles long.

Address: Little Big Econ State Forest, 1350 Snow Hill Rd, Geneva, FL 32732, USA