15 Easy Hikes To Add To Your Outdoor Bucket List In Delaware

Delaware is a state with a lot of great trails that nearly anyone can hike. To encourage Delawareans to get out and about, Delaware State Parks has created an amazing Delaware Trail Challenge. If you want to participate, you have a year to hike the qualifying trails in order to collect your awards. Complete just five trails and you’ll earn the Explorer award. Conquer 10, and you’re recognized with an Advanced Hiker Award. If you choose to tackle all 15 Trail Challenge trails, you’ll get to call yourself an Expert, and show off your Expert Hiker Award. If you obtain any of these rankings, you’ll receive a Trail Challenge certificate, patch, and small prize.

So, if you’re going to make yourself a Delaware Hiking Bucket List, I suggest you choose the 15 trail challenge trails. They were chosen by the State Park system for their hikability, scenery, and history. You won’t be disappointed by any of them – after all, these are the best trails in Delaware.

Fall is the perfect time for hiking – the summer sun isn’t beating down on you and the cool air makes even the more strenuous hikes easier. Plus, the fall foliage turns even the most boring “walk in the woods” into a scenic wonderland. Start the trail challenge in the fall and finish it in the spring – remember – you have a year!