Delaware’s beaches are great, we can all probably agree that it can be frustrating to find parking and fight through the crowds during the busy tourist season. If you’re looking for a relaxing day on the sand, head to one of the quietest Delaware beaches and enjoy a remote and relaxing day on the water; here are seven of the most amazing hidden beaches in Delaware for your next relaxing escape:

For a road trip that will take you to see all these secret beaches in one day, you might want to do our hidden beaches road trip in Delaware. What are your favorite hidden beaches in Delaware? Tell us about them in the comments!

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Beaches in Delaware

What are some of the best Delaware beaches to visit?  

Delaware might be a tiny state, but it’s big on beaches! This adorable little state is home to hundreds of miles of stunning, pristine beaches, and we love them all – though we do have a few favorites! Included among our favorite beaches in Delaware to visit are the amazing six miles of ‘em at Cape Henlopen State Park, one of Delaware’s most scenic places. If you’re a lover of nice, clean beaches (which, honestly, are just about all we’ve got here), you’ll love a visit to Bethany Beach, and the Delaware Seashore State Park has seashores so stunning that, well, they got their own park. There’s plenty to do and see there as well – so much more than just the beaches! Finally, Dewey Beach is a great place to head if you’re a fan of restaurants and homes on your beaches.  

Are there any scenic secret beaches in Delaware?  

Though we’re pretty sure no beach is technically “secret” at this point, there are some stunning ones that don’t seem to get enough love in our pretty little state. Some of our favorite secret beaches in Delaware (so to speak) include hidden gems like Woodland Beach in Smyrna, and Bowers Beach in Frederica, which is an adorable little beach town you’re sure to love from the moment you arrive. Head to Dover and visit Slaughter Beach, which is way more beautiful than it sounds like it ought to be (seriously, why the creepy name?), and finally, also in Dover, look up Kitts Hummock – a beautiful local beach that’s home to wildlife galore and excellent for any outdoorsy person to wander along again and again. Want some more awe-inspiring ideas about which of Delaware’s amazing beaches you ought to visit next? Check out this epic Delaware beaches road trip – how many of them have you already seen?  

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