The Easy 1.4-Mile Seahawk Nature Trail Will Lead You Through The Delaware Forest

Steal away to this tiny treasure trail in Holts Landing State Park for a short and sweet nature respite. Kickback and mosey through soothing naturescapes on a relaxing tour through shadowy woods, a beachy overlook, and a peaceful marshland with birdwatching opportunities. The variety of terrain is a balm for the soul, with dappled light streaming through the trees, pine needles crunching underfoot, and views of calming waters.

With so many rich, historical, and nature experiences within Holts Landing State Park, it’s no wonder this little trail jewel is part of its collection. We encourage your curiosity and exploration of the crabbing and picnicking also offered at this wholesome leisure stop. Roll up your pant legs, channel your inner-Huck Finn, and check out this guide to crabbing fun: Crabbing In Delaware.

Address: Parking lot, Delaware 19939, USA