Sometimes, especially nowadays, it seems like there are few things in life that everyone can agree on. One thing that is definitely true, though, is that there’s something decidedly scary about places that are long-abandoned by society. The darkened halls, the crumbling walls, the dilapidated roofs… you don’t have to be a big believer in the supernatural to feel like they’re creepy or perhaps even have spirits lurking in them. We’ve got plenty of abandoned places in Connecticut, and few are creepier than the Cedarcrest Hospital in Newington. Abandoned for more than a decade, this spooky spot is surrounded by rumors of ghosts.

For more views of Cedarcrest Hospital, check out Youtube user The Obtuse Guy‘s “Cedarcrest Hosptial in Newington,CT” video:

Do you think Cedarcrest Hospital could be haunted, or are you not a superstitious person? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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