Follow This Abandoned Railroad Trail For One Of The Most Unique Hikes In Connecticut

When cars and trucks became commonplace, traveling and transporting goods by train declined and much of our railways were deserted. But did you know these rail lines are being revived and turned into hiking trails throughout the Nutmeg State? It’s true – and some of them are among the best hikes in Connecticut. Take this abandoned railroad trail for an easy but scenic adventure through the eastern part of the Nutmeg State:

Have you ever hiked this abandoned railroad trail? Which hikes would you call the best hikes in Connecticut? If you love these flat, easy hikes, then take a look at these other scenic rail trails. For more great hiking and outdoor spots in the Nutmeg state, join our Connecticut Nature Lovers Group on Facebook.

Address: Hop River State Park Trail, Columbia, CT, USA
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Best Hikes in Connecticut

March 22, 2022

What are some of the most amazing easy hikes in Connecticut?  

If we’re being honest here, every hike in Connecticut is amazing; however, some are quite a bit easier to conquer than others, and few things are more relaxing than a nice, easy hike through some of nature’s most amazing landscapes. Check out the Gilette Castle Railroad Trail, which is a fairy-tale-like adventure that crosses a footbridge and meanders to an abandoned trail tunnel! If you’re a fan of that hike, you’ll also want to check out the Icehouse Ruins Trail, which is just one mile long and journeys hikers to an abandoned icehouse from days of yore with a super-intriguing history. It’s long-defunct, but its story remains. Next, become a lover of the Red Trail at Kent Falls State Park; this hike is under a mile long, too, and is easily one of the most scenic places in all of Connecticut. Finally, Boardwalk Trail in Milford is calling your name. It’s a delightful marsh and beach hike you won’t find anywhere else!  

What are some of the most beloved scenic hikes in Connecticut?  

Connecticut is home to an amalgamation of wonderful scenic hikes. For example, one of our favorites is the Larkin State Park Trail in Middlebury. It’s a long one, at 10.3 miles long, and it cuts through at least four small towns, but trust us when we say every mile is worth it! Then, take a gander at the Housatonic Range Trail which is a little shorter (6.2 miles long) and features lovely woods, babbling brooks, and views to die for! Next, add the River’s Edge Trail to your bucket list. That one is three miles long and features interesting things like an abandoned tunnel from the 1900s and stellar views of the river. Steep Rock Loop, located at Steep Rock Preserve, is another must-hike trail in Connecticut; it’s four miles of beautiful park lands that’s sure to enchant you. For more ideas, check this article out.

Address: Hop River State Park Trail, Columbia, CT, USA