Opened in 1904 to house the mentally ill, the Norwich State Hospital closed its doors in 1996. It may have begun as a single building hosting 95 patients, but by 1930, the property had expanded to include over twenty buildings with more than 2,000 patients! But this collection of buildings, which once housed violent patients and those found guilty of crimes by insanity, is now a completely abandoned hospital in CT. And it sure has a story….

This creepy aerial video shows you just how haunting the current grounds really are!

If you are wondering can you visit Norwich State Hospital, the answer is no. It is privately owned and trepassing is prohibited.

Norwich State Hospital isn’t the only facility that was left in ruins. The Seaside Sanatorium is another haunting example of forgotten facilities.

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Are there any haunted restaurants in Connecticut?

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  • J. Timothy’s Taverne: Located in Plainville, this tavern restaurant is widely known for its wings. But built in 1789, it is also rumored to be haunted, with windows and doors moving on their own and many reports of orb sightings.
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