11 Gorgeous Alpine Lakes To Visit Around Denver This Summer

My anticipation grows with each new day, as the sun burns hotter, longer, and stronger, thawing the lakes and tundra of the high country and promising a summer filled with days spent in the wilds. Snow and ice are melting, wildflowers are emerging, and alpine lakes will soon glisten with an unrivaled beauty that beckons you to bask on their shimmering shores and recharge the natural way. There’s nothing more grounding and invigorating than a rousing climb to a crystal clear alpine lake, followed by a little exploration, relaxation, (and certainly a picnic), at a pristine mountain paradise at around 11,000.’ These serene alpine lakes near Denver are something everyone should experience this summer…but please remember our earth is fragile so LEAVE NO TRACE!

What are your favorite lakes near Denver to experience a little alpenglow? Share your suggestions or stories in the comments!