The Grand Canyon. It’s one beautiful place, isn’t it? Yup! And one of the things that makes this natural wonder even more magical is the pristine water that flows through it: a river, creeks, springs, and waterfalls. Did you know that there are several Grand Canyon waterfalls that you can hike to? It’s true! Here are eight of those falls.

Did this list inspire you to want to investigate the Grand Canyon waterfalls? If multi-day hikes might be a little much for you, you might want to check out some more accessible waterfalls. Read our article 6 Gorgeous Arizona Waterfalls Hiding In Plain Sight for fantastic spots to visit!

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Grand Canyon Waterfalls

What are some of the best hiking trails with waterfalls in Arizona?  

Some of the best hiking trails with waterfalls in Arizona include the following:

  • Havasu Falls: just secure a permit ahead of time. The hike is 10 miles one-way, so this trail is best reserved for very experienced hikers. Havasu Falls is one of the most picturesque falls in the country.
  • Fossil Creek Falls hike near Payson leads to a rushing waterfall after a moderately challenging (but very rewarding) two-mile hike. 


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What are the most amazing Grand Canyon waterfalls in Arizona?  

With the Colorado River weaving through the Canyon in its entirety, there are more than a few spots where it tumbles down into a refreshing pool below only to continue on its journey from there. There are three Grand Canyon waterfalls that are easily the most incredible: Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, and Navajo Falls. Each one is picturesque and among the most photographed waterfalls in the world.

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