The Hot Springs Hotel In Alaska That Will Leave You Feeling Completely Relaxed

It’s hard to underestimate all of the good a hot springs will do for you. But that’s not something you’d have to convince the residents of Manley Hot Springs, Alaska! This adorable little town is at the end of a very difficult to travel 80-mile gravel road. But the lovely Manley Roadhouse and Manley Hot Springs Bath House await you at the very end of it!


Looking for another hot spring to visit in the interior of Alaska? Check out The Little Known Hot Springs In Alaska That’s Worth The Winter Trek.  Have you been to the Manley Roadhouse or the Manley Hot Springs Bath House? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

Address: Manley Hot Springs, AK 99756, USA
Address: 100 Manley Hot Springs Rd, Manley Hot Springs, AK 99756, USA
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Hot Springs in Alaska

February 15, 2022

What are the best hot springs resorts in Alaska?  

Alaska is home to 79 thermal springs, though only about 20 of them are in use by humans (the rest are too hot or have other issues making them unfriendly to soakers). Some of them have been built up into resorts, retreats, and getaways, and there are few things that are more relaxing than lazing in a thermal spring and watching the Northen Lights dance overhead. Pamper yourself at any of Alaska’s amazing hot spring resorts, like the world-famous Chena Hot Springs, found nearby Fairbanks. The resort offers more than just hot springs and relaxation – take a dogsledding tour for the ultimate adventure! Tenakee Hot Springs is southeast of Juneau and consists of a gorgeous, remodeled bath house from the early 1900s. Those springs, however, are separated into by-gender soaking times, as no clothing is allowed in the water.  

What are some amazing winter getaways in Alaska?  

Alaska might be pretty (okay, extremely) cold in the wintertime, but that just means it’s ultra-perfect for a wonderful, pristine winter getaway. Escape to a remote, stunningly beautiful corner of the world in the United States’ northernmost territory. You’ll be amazed at the options you have, from dogsledding tours to helicopter rides, hot springs escapes, and so much more. There are also train tours available where you thunder by rail through the Alaskan wilderness, admiring the incredibly remote landscape and marveling at the vast, empty beauty of it all. Experience winter at its best at many ski and snowboarding resorts, some of which offer wake-up calls if the Northern Lights should dance overhead while you’re asleep. The hot spring resorts mentioned above all make amazing wintertime escapes, too, and so do things like whale-watching tours. Alaska is wild and free and absolutely amazing! For some ideas for your next Alaskan escape, take a look at these amazing cabin rentals in this article. 

Address: Manley Hot Springs, AK 99756, USA
Address: 100 Manley Hot Springs Rd, Manley Hot Springs, AK 99756, USA