Searching for your next Alaskan winter adventure? Look no further, as we have your next weekend winter experience right here. This little-known hot spring in Alaska is off the beaten path, but oh so dreamy. Located 45 air miles north of Fairbanks, the Tolovana Hot Springs are very remote, but worth every second of the trip it takes to get there!

Want more information to plan for your trip to this unique hot spring in Alaska? Check out the Tolovana Hot Springs website here. Need a place to stock up on some delicious, warm food after your weekend in these rustic cabins? Fairbanks has the most amazing Mac And Cheese Bar in Alaska — you’ll need to restock some of those calories you burned, anyway!

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Hot Springs in Alaska

Are there any hot springs resorts in Alaska?  

There most certainly are! With a grand total of 79 known natural hot springs all over the state, there are several that have had resorts built up around them. There is always the most famous hot springs resort around here, the Chena Hot Springs, as well as the wonderful springs we discussed in the article above (Tolovana Hot Springs). Of course, those aren’t your only options! We love Manley Hot Springs, which is settled in an old mining town 150 miles from Fairbanks. Sure, it might be a ghost town now, but the springs are a popular destination to this day. Also, you might want to check out Circle Hot Springs, which is 130 miles from Fairbanks; the lodge is either open or not, so you might want to double-check before arriving at that one.  

How many natural hot springs in Alaska are there?  

Alaska is home to 79 natural hot springs. Many of them are accessible only by a hike, boat, or plane; this makes them a lot more remote than most hot springs you might find elsewhere in the country, and they don’t tend to be overly crowded unless you opt for one of the most popular springs like Chena or Tolovana. Other springs that don’t get enough love include Shelokum Hot Springs, which maintains a temperature of nearly 200 degrees year-round, and White Sulfur Springs, both of which can be found in Tongass National Forest. If you find yourself at or near Shelokum, make sure to check out Bell Island Hot Springs, which is a favorite soaking spot amongst the locals. Some springs are quite the oddity; there’s a carbonated spring in a remote area of Alaska only accessible by plane or boat, and it’s called Trocadero Soda Springs. We love Alaska’s amazing hot springs, and we think you will too; with almost 80 of them to choose from, it might be hard at first, but that’s okay – there's plenty of time to experience them all!  

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