11 Things Wisconsinites Think Aren’t True, But Totally Are

Living in a so-called “flyover state” that has quite the reputation can be a little beleaguering, I know. We can be painted a bit like a caricature — a bit cartoonish — and that makes Wisconsinites a little defensive about some of the things the rest of the world believes about us. I get it — no one likes to be the butt of the joke.

That being said, there’s a few things we Wisconsinites are rather defensive about that are actually kind of undeniably true. Like it or not, we’ve earned some of our stereotypes the hard way, not just by reputation. There’s a whole lot of Midwestern kindness and charm here, but you can really rile up a crown of us with some of these. Here are 11 things Wisconsinites will totally deny, but are actually kind of true:

What other things do you think we are a bit in denial about? Let us know in the comments. Looking for more Wisconsin-based humor? Check out 15 Phrases That Will Make You Swear Wisconsinites Have Their Own Language.