A Drone Flew High Above This Abandoned Factory In Ohio And Caught This Truly Eerie Footage

Abandoned places are some of the most intriguing places to explore. With crumbling remnants that nature is working to reclaim, it can be fascinating to think about what an abandoned building once was in its heyday. Since trespassing in these sorts of places is prohibited, drone footage is one of the best ways to see wha’s really hiding behind all the brush and overgrown trees.

What was once the Republic Rubber Company in Youngstown is now an eery, abandoned factory. Little remains of this former tire and hose manufacturer for the automotive and aerospace industries. Employing more than 2,000 people and making millions of dollars, this factory was once a major source of income and employment for the city of Youngstown before it officially closed its doors in 1989. Today, the factory sits empty and overgrown on Albert Street. To get an up-close look at this fascinating, abandoned structure, watch the video below by YouTuber Steeltown Phantom:

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