What was once the Molly Stark Hospital in Louisville, Ohio is now a long-forgotten facility with decaying structures, lonely hallways, and a restless spirit or two — or so some speculate. This abandoned hospital in Ohio is easily one of the creepiest and more notoriously haunted places in the state. Let’s take a closer look.

Trespassing is prohibited, but this drone footage uploaded by YouTube user Jarrod Bolon gives us a pretty good idea of what the eerie facility looks like:

Have you ever seen this abandoned hospital in Ohio? Do you believe it’s haunted?

If you’re still searching for “abandoned places near me,” you’ll want to check out our previous articles on the abandoned Chippewa Lake Amusement Park. Those searching for “abandoned hospitals near me” will discover the former Lima Tuberculosis Hospital. You can also of course go on our road trip to various abandoned places in Ohio. We’ve even made you a convenient road trip packing list.

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abandoned hospital in Ohio

What are some other abandoned places in Ohio?

If the above tales about the abandoned mental hospital in Ohio piqued your curiosity, you'll be into this story regarding an abandoned amusement park! Tucked away in Medina County there’s a rusted, long-forgotten Ferris wheel. What was once Chippewa Lake Park is now just a few piles of amusement park ruins and the lone Ferris wheel. From 1878 to 1978, the amusement park was a popular, thriving destination for family entertainment. Today, what remains continues to attract Ohio explorers near and far. When it was in operation, this Ferris wheel was the fastest in Ohio and, at one point, the fastest in America. Today, it sits sad and abandoned, forsaken by the cruel, cruel passage of time.

What’s the most haunted place in Ohio?

The Golden Lamb in Lebanon, Ohio, is the state’s oldest continually operating business, and also one of the most notoriously haunted.

  • With a history that’s as old as the Buckeye State, rumors abound about this local destination, which over the years has hosted 12 presidents, from John Quincy Adams to George W. Bush, as well as other famous figures like Charles Dickens and Harriet Beecher Stowe.
  • Some of the ghost stories? Well, one of the most popular ghost stories involves a lady named Sarah Stubbs.
    • Sarah lived at The Golden Lamb for a number of years and many say her spirit continues to wander about the building.
    • In fact, one of the museum viewing rooms at the restaurant is a recreation of Sarah's bedroom, so her ghost would be quite comfortable if she decided to stick around.
  • The Inn at the Golden Lamb has 18 overnight rooms that are beautifully decorated with antiques... and possibly a ghostly spirit or two.
  • Politician Clement L. Vallandingham accidentally killed himself within the Inn, and the father of General William T. Sherman also died suddenly on the property.
  • There have been many reported sightings of both men, long after they passed away.
  • Whatever you believe (or don't believe), The Golden Lamb is an only-in-Ohio spot that belongs on any Buckeye State ghost hunter's bucket list!

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