What This Drone Captured At This Abandoned Ohio Mental Hospital Is Truly Grim

What was once the Molly Stark Mental Hospital in Louisville, Ohio is now a long-forgotten facility with decaying structures, lonely hallways and a restless spirit or two—or so some speculate.

This former tuberculosis hospital in northeastern Ohio, (often referred to as “Molly Stark Park,”) was constructed in the 1920s in the Spanish Revival-style. Its large windows, balconies and verandas did more than add character to the building. The hospital was constructed at a time when the primary medical treatment for tuberculosis was sunlight, fresh air and basic medicines. The facility became Molly Stark Mental Hospital in the 1950s and officially closed down in the mid-90s.

Today, the surrounding grounds are a public park, and the asbestos filled facility is rumored to be haunted and slated for demolition. Trespassing is prohibited, but this drone footage uploaded by YouTube user Jarrod Bolon a few months ago gives us a pretty good idea of what the eerie facility looks like:

Have you ever seen this abandoned mental hospital before? Do you believe it’s haunted?

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